What is the Quality Licence Scheme?

Our Quality Licence Scheme recognises your commitment to high-quality courses in the non-regulated market by evaluating your quality processes and endorsing you as an organisation. This demonstrates to the people you work with that you are committed to delivering a high quality of learning and your learners are able to receive an Certa Awards endorsed certificate of achievement on completion of their course.


Who can apply for the Quality Licence Scheme?

Organisations who are seeking recognition for the first time, or who wish to transfer their current non-regulated courses from another scheme, are able to apply to become Quality Licence Scheme Provider.


Does the £2000 licence fee include VAT?

The licence fee and Certificates of Achievement are not subject to VAT.


Is marketing of endorsed courses through partner organisations acceptable within the scheme?

Yes. Approved providers can inform us of any re-sellers of their courses during the application process to ensure that we can provide accurate information if we receive enquiries. Please note that the responsibility of re-sellers remains with the Provider.


Is there an agreed form of wording that can be used when advertising and describing courses endorsed through the scheme, for example on a website?

Yes. We supply statements that you can build on for advertising your courses which explain the different roles of Certa Awards and the Provider. We regularly check Provider’s websites to ensure that there is no misrepresentation, and that it is clear to prospective learners how the scheme works.


If our learners don’t understand the relationship between awarding organisations and Ofqual (the regulator), can you support us in explaining this to them?

Yes. We provide you with statements and information which explains the relationship to your learners, so they understand the difference between the regulated and non-regulated market. It is important to be clear that the courses endorsed through the scheme are not themselves regulated qualifications, so there is no relationship between the learner’s achievement and Ofqual.


Can we issue our own certificate in addition to the one provided by Certa Awards?

Yes. However, it is important to note that only certificates issued by Certa Awards can use the Quality Licence Scheme logo.


Are you able to provide an authorised sample certificate to show learners what they will receive on completion of their course?

Yes. We are able to share a sample certificate for you to use for marketing purposes and learner enquiries.


What course levels can we register via the scheme?

You can register any level courses, but it is the provider’s responsibility to determine what the level is and demonstrate through the scheme’s audits that the level has been determined through effective and appropriate benchmarking.


Can courses and unit summaries count towards recognition of prior learning (RPL) for regulated qualifications?

It is possible for courses and the unit summaries to count towards RPL, but this decision would be made by the training organisation who offers the regulated qualification.


Will you provide guidance on the use of the Certa Awards logo when referring to the Quality Licence Scheme?

Yes. Certa Awards has a specific Quality Licence Scheme logo which can be used by providers. All providers will receive terms and conditions on how to use the logo and will need to sign an agreement that these have been understood. Providers are not permitted to use any other Certa Awards logos when referring to or advertising the Quality Licence Scheme.


What is the process for gaining approval for new courses?

Approving new courses is a simple, timely process which does not attract any additional costs. If you are a Provider already registered to the Quality Licence Scheme, please call Colette on 0115 854 1399 for more information.


Can guided learning hours be included on a learner’s Certificate of Achievement?

Guided learning hours, which indicate the time a typical learner would require in direct guidance to complete their programme of learning, are not included on the Certificate of Achievements and learner unit summaries. However, these documents do include key details relating to the course and we can provide you with an example to support your marketing and promotion of the courses.


I am a sole trader and not an association or organisation. Can I still apply?

Yes. You will need to have evidence to confirm you are registered as self-employed and be able to demonstrate all criteria within the Quality Licence Scheme standard and guiding principles.


I do not have a fixed place or centre for Certa Awards to visit, i.e. for distance learning, do you conduct visits to a home address?

The audits that we need to conduct as part of the scheme would be conducted at the location stated on your application form and where activity as identified in the standard and guiding principles is undertaken.

More questions? Please contact our dedicated Quality Licence Scheme Manager.